So, let me introduce myself, however I doubt anyone who doesn’t already know me is reading this.

My Name is Emily, I am twenty-two year old college student about to start navigating the big, bad post grad world, all while trying to finding time to thrift my way through Georgia and hang out with my cat, Lola. I have a passion for all things beautiful and vintage, I love the color pink, Disney truly is the happiest place on earth, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta is real T.V. I love life and most days, life loves me back!

In 2 short weeks I will be graduating with my degree in Special Education, but truly I have much simpler aspirations. I’m just a simple college girl looking for the next big thing in life. Really though can I just run a blog and not get a big girl job? That’s a thing right? , While running this blog, and having a big girl job (sigh), I aspire to reach people like me, and post about things I love along with posting far too many cat pictures! See below:


That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

So, there you have it internet, that’s me. Now a little about this lovely little blog I have created. For the ones who do know me, they might agree that I am one of those girls that was “born with glitter in her veins”,  Which is kind of where I got the idea for   Tinsel & Tact. Tinsel & Tact is a marriage of all things shiny and beautiful, and all things Southern and proper.

Imagine titles like:  How to rock your pearls with every outfit, Is this the salad fork or the dinner fork, When it is acceptable to leave the house without make-up, NEVER! and so on and so forth.

(I’m totally kidding about the topics. kind of. I don’t own a pair of pearls, I have no earthly clue what the differences between a salad fork and a dinner fork are, and lets be honest, its a good day if I leave the house with make-up on! I’m not here to teach etiquette or life lessons. I’m still trying to figure out how to live a life full of traveling and priceless experience, on the budget of a college student)

Anyway, really I am here for you.  To discuss important things like my unhealthy obsessions with make-up, crafting, and Starbucks caramel macchiatto , (which is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning )- all while using really bad puns, feeding my cat obsession, and trying to remember to update this thing at-least weekly.

I know, I know, its hard but someone has to do it!

Anyway, I think I am ready for whatever comes next.

To-da-loo, Internet


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